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Timeline: 1 week, March 2020

Type: Mobile

Tools Used: Adobe Creative Suite, Figma

Team: Individual


Role/ Skill: Research, Visual, Rapid Prototyping, Logo/ Icon design


Let's go grocery shopping

Project Overview

MARMAC is your personal access to you neighbourhood groceries.

Having grown up in a small neighbourhood, shopping at the same grocery, buying the same local baguette and strawberry jam, week after week, and having worked many part-time jobs over the years, a common thing I observed was the number of regular shoppers that orders the exact same thing day after day.

So I thought, what if we could optimize this consumer trend to save time and money for both the grocers and customers through a mobile application?

After all it is 2020...

The Challenge

In 1 week, my challenge was to:

  • to design a mobile application

  • to optimize the shopping and selling experience for regular shoppers and smaller grocers.

Defining the Problem

Smaller groceries usually have an imbalance of stocks and many random little items that are constantly changing. 

As a customer it is difficult to predict what will be or not be available when shopping at an independent grocery.

As a grocer you are also faced with the problem of fluctuating demands and discerning which products are constantly in demand and which products end up sitting on the shelves for weeks. This makes it difficult when ordering from suppliers often causing over or understocked inventory.

The Question

How can we optimize the grocery shopping experience for both the grocer and the customer in a small neighbourhood setting?


Through the research I took a deeper look into :

  • The target demographic 

  • The ecosystem

  • External factors that may effect the implementation of a possible solution

* important note: for the purpose of this case study the definition of a smaller neighbourhood grocery refers to an independently owned grocery located in an residential area with many regular customers

(so no Mac's or 7/11's which are a franchise)