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Play "on the go" with friends, family and coworkers; multiplayer game experience for mobile

Mobile · UX Design · Visual Design · Testing  



Product Designer


one week design sprint


Rapid Prototyping
Mobile App Design




CrowdParty is a web-based application that allows for teams to play multiplayer games in-person, remotely and in hybrid settings. It features a plethora of games that can be played by joining a room through a mobile or desktop device using a central screen shared by the host. CrowdPartyGO is the product of a design sprint that takes the CrowdParty experience fully mobile with no need for a central shared screen.

Project Brief

At CrowdParty, the team's mission is to create "Instant Joy" for teams, classrooms, meetings and any other event imaginable. CrowdParty does this by creating fun and engaging games that can be accessed and played by anyone, anywhere as long they are connected to the internet and have a screen like an iPad, laptop or desktop (not mobile) that can be shared (seen by all players). 

As the product designer on this project I was to answer the following question and pitch the final design EOW to the team for feedback.

How might we take this already accessible experience a step further?

Is it possible to subtract another element of the experience, making it even more simple?

Defining the Goal

My goal for this project was to design a CrowdParty experience that

1/  Doesn't compromise any existing game functions

2/  Allows for CrowdParty to be played at the park, on the bus, at dinner or anywhere using ONLY mobile devices

Design Process

I evaluated what parts of the design process would be the most useful for a design sprint like this and decided on the following four step process to go from problem to solution in the time given.

Identify the problems & goals

Map out user flow and journey

UI design and prototype

User testing

User Flow


By the end of the week CrowdPartyGO was prototyped and ready for feedback.

I designed CrowdPartyGO to be quick to start, familiar to the existing experience and mobile friendly. 

The final prototyped solution included 

1/   Integration of CrowdParty design elements and branding

2/  A way to join the room without a QR code or Number code displayed on a central screen

3/  A way to view the questions on each player's personal device

4/  Current games modified to fit on mobile

Scenario Mapping

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